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Our Scented Candles

Welcome to our scented candles page. We have gone to great lengths to mix and match wonderful scents for you. As you click along, you will find a scent that is just right.

On this page we have scent themes:
Christmas scents: Includes the scents that you think of when you think of christmas and the season around it.
Clean scents: Don’t you just love it when all around you is clean? Well there are scents that describes clean. We have some.
Desserts: YUMM!! all those Cinnamon bun, sugar cookie, brownie, and much more tastes you love. These candles will make you smell them. Don’t get too hungry!!
Floral Scents: Welcome to this flower garden you will call your home as soon as you use one these candles.
Food: These will just make you happily hungry we admit. These are joyous candle scents.
Fruit Scents: Strawberries, Berries, Apples and so much more. These are the fruits you will find in a candle Jar.
Musk Scents: Like it or Love it, you wont say no. This musk scents will make you stay.
Woodsy Scent: Ever wanted that cedar scent? now you got it. Or the sawdust scents? here you go . Enjoy all the bliss scents theĀ  woods can give.